About StarQuarius Studio

StarQuarius Studio is (currently) a one person Gaming Studio focused on creating new 2D games.
The studio is currently based in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Studio started after getting experience in a few small games in GameJams and working at my free time on making interesting games with a 2D animated look.

ShadowKitty: Thief by Night is our first game, stay tooned for more games soon.


StarQuarius Studio's mission is to create innovative and fun 2D games of top quality with modern technologies but always with roots in old classic games. We strive to make our products available to a global audience.

We are passionate about making games, but we also plan to make a living on the game industry, creating our own IPs and licensing it for other medias.

We at StarQuarius Studio also plan to create exclusive collectible goods and quality toys that fans and collectors will love.


Our vision is to continually grow and aim to turn into a global pioneer in making 2D animated games with a modern appeal.

We also plan to donate part of our profits to charity and health organizations, trying to help the world a better place, always working with fairness and integrity.

São Paulo, Brazil

About São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo is a metropolis of many faces. At the same time it is the most important economic center of Brazil, it is the capital of culture in Latin America; with leisure, knowledge and entertainment offers that match to no other. A typically urban metropolis covered in a vast green area.

An innovative and vanguard city that preserves in its architecture, arts and gastronomy a past composed by the mix of over 70 nationalities. And, in parallel to preserving traditions, it keeps itself modern.


Reach out to us and discover more about the Adventures of ShadowKitty: Thief by Night

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